How to Prepare and Serve Your Honey B Ham

Serving Portions:

Generally 1/2 lb. per person should be sufficient for a dinner setting. 1/3 lb. per person is suitable for a buffet setting.

Ham size: 8-9 lbs.       Feeds: 14-16       With another meat: 18-24

Ham size: 9-10 lbs.     Feeds: 18-20       With another meat: 24-30

Ham size: 15-16 lb.      Feeds: 22-28       With another meat: 38-42

Serve at room temperature. We don’t recommend heating. If you have leftovers, they may be frozen for up to forty-five days.

Ham Instructions:

  1. Keep refrigerated until 2-3 hours before eating. Let your ham come to room temperature before serving. Pour excess melted honey seasoning over the top of the ham and serve on a tray.
  2. Should anyone want his or her ham hot, take a few slices and microwave, then serve.
  3. If you prefer oven warming: 250 degrees in foil (open at top) with pan of water underneath to maintain moisture. 45-60 minutes should be long enough.

*Recommended to serve at room temperature. Due to heating, ham can become tough or dry.


  • Okay to refrigerate for 5-7 days.
  • Should you have leftovers, freeze in meal-sized portions.
  • The bone makes excellent soups!
  • This ham has never been frozen but freezes well.
  • Certified Heart Healthy by St. Elizabeth Hospital in Beaumont, TX