Sandwich Trays

  • Sandwich Trays

    All sandwich trays are quartered and made with our ham and turkey on delicious wheat and white breads.
    Guest count: 10 people
    Amount: 8 sandwiches
    Guest count: 15 people
    Amount: 12 sandwiches
    Guest count: 20 people
    Amount: 16 sandwiches
  • Boudin Trays

    Boudin Balls
    Guest count: 10-15 people
    Amount: 12-count
    Boudin Dish
    Guest count: 12-20 people
    Amount: 4.25 lbs.
  • Meat and Cheese Trays

    Guest count: 12-15 people
    Amount: 2.75 lbs. of meat and 1.25 lbs. of cheese
    Guest count: 20-25 people
    Amount: 4 lbs. of meat and 2 lbs. of cheese
    Vegetable Tray
    Guest count: 10-15 people